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Forever & Ever & Ever

This is the wedding ceremony that is tailored and created specifically for you. Everything about this ceremony will be unique to you and you alone. 

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Of Course We Do

With this ceremony you & I will Master Chef the content from an extensive library of past services. A little from this one, a touch of that one and then when we add your personalities and your stories the end result is outstanding!

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Less Talking, Let's Party

Would you prefer your ceremony to include just the "must have parts" so that you can get to the party, the cake and the champagne? We can make it happen.

Private Parties


Christenings Image

Baby Naming Ceremonies

A Baby Naming Ceremony is a wonderful way to officially welcome your child into your family, your community and into the world without the constraints of a formal religious ceremony.

You can involve your other children, some or all of your family and even friends in being a part of your ceremony.  The choice is yours but the most important thing is that you get to celebrate and plan your ceremony your way.

Married Couple

Commitment Ceremonies

A commitment ceremony is utilized as a public display of vows and of the couple entering into a mutual, loving agreement.
Many couples choose to have a commitment ceremony so that they make their lifelong commitment in front of friends and family without the legally binding paperwork.

You are free to include or exclude whatever you like, there are no elements that MUST be included, unlike a wedding that must have certain elements included for it to be officially recognised.

Beach Wedding

Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Celebrate your love for one another with a Vow Renewal Ceremony. Say all the things you wished you could've said the first time. Or maybe just say them all over again but to a new audience. Would your children like to say something special? Would you like it to be playful or a little more serious?

Let's celebrate every year already married & to the future.

Corporate Events



Master of Ceremonies

There's something reassuring in having a professional master of ceremonies host your event for you. You can relax knowing that the MC won't get drunk and bring up embarrassing stories. Not like Uncle Terry! 

Weddings, parties, competitions & corporate events are all catered for. 

Playing the Saxophone

Music Services

Have you ever been to a party where everything is right, except the music?

Being able to meet your needs and also read what the room wants is sometimes too much to handle for some DJ's. And did someone say karaoke?

We'll have them singing and dancing up a storm. 


Themed Ceremonies

Were you thinking of theming your ceremony maybe somewhere far, far away? Or possibly with a King of Rock'n'Roll type feel?
If you have the imagination then we can add that twist so that it's just the way you like.

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